Classic Game Fest is a fun and family friendly event. Please help us keep it that way by providing our guests and attendees with a positive, safe, and fun experience at your booth!

Code of Conduct

  • Please keep your booth area clean.
  • Use all trash cans and recycling areas. Do NOT leave trash sitting on or around your booth.
  • Please be ready to go during the entire convention hours. Working a booth at a con is long, hard work, so please come well rested, showered and clean, and with a great attitude to make the most out of the weekend!
  • The show floor will be in lockdown outside of convention hours with no access in or out. This is for your safety and the protection of everything that you bring to sell, no exceptions.
  • Be NICE to everyone! We’re not just talking about fans/attendees (of course we expect you to be nice to them!), but your fellow vendors and competitors who may be on hand as well. Be respectful, reasonable, and courteous to everyone at CGF. Any sign of bad-mouthing other vendors, harassing, demeaning, bullying, spying, or other mischievous conduct of any kind is prohibited. We are ALL here to share in the LOVE of retro games.
  • Appropriate clothing and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Although alcohol consumption is permitted at CGF, you MUST consume responsibly and maintain control of your behavior at all times. Alcohol consumption is never an excuse for bad behavior, sharing drinks with minors, and excessive consumption or alcohol related issues of any kind will result in expulsion from CGF.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted at any time inside the center — that includes vaping.
  • Must be FAMILY FRIENDLY at all times! No cursing, yelling, or other mature or “frat-boy style” behavior is allowed and no mature/offensive/sexual content should be displayed or sold at your booth. This is a family event, and no one should have to hear or see anything offensive during this show.This is a ZERO TOLERANCE rule, especially when it comes to cursing, drinking to excess, or any type of disruptive behavior whatsoever. Failure to control and behave yourself at all times will result in you being booted from the show. We will close your booth down immediately — no refunds.
  • No booth sharing. As stated in the vendor contracts, we do not allow booth sharing, so every booth assigned should be run by THAT company. No one else should be piggybacking a booth to promote other stores, items, events, etc. that are not what the booth has been assigned and authorized to do or sell. Violations will result in people/booths getting closed and banned from future events with no refunds.
  • All vendors are welcome to hand out business cards, flyers, etc. for their own business/booth around their booths within a maximum of 5 ft from it. No flyers for outside companies/events/products will be permitted. Anyone (attendee, artist, guest, or vendor) found walking around the convention center handing out flyers, cards, or marketing materials of any kind will be forced to leave without a refund. That stuff needs to happen at or within 5 ft of your booth for a reason — YOU pay for those spots, and neither you nor us want someone to come in and get access to do that at CGF without buying a booth space. If you see people come in as attendees doing this at CGF, please report them to our main registration desk immediately so we can address it.
  • If you need assistance of any kind, including issues with your booth, other vendors, attendees, or basically anything else, please reach out to one of our staff wearing the CGF tshirts. We’re happy to help, and we’ll have people assigned to all areas — artists, guests, vendors, bands, tournaments, and front door. They should be easy to spot and come around frequently, but if you can’t find one, just go to the front registration desk, and we’ll be happy to find someone to help you there.
  • Sales taxes are all the responsibility of the vendors. It is up to you to be able to provide proof of a TX Sales Tax permit upon request, and all income must be reported to both the state of Texas and the IRS.
  • The sale of food or beverages of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • At least 50% or more merchandise sold at your booth must be video game related.
  • All booth purchases are non-refundable.
  • All booths MUST be staffed at all times during show hours: Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 10am-5pm.